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flood damage restoration

Flood Damage Restoration in Idaho Falls

flood damage restoration

Professional flood damage restoration is the only way to stop further damage to your property and return it to its original state. The sooner the restoration process starts, the faster you can get back to living in your home like nothing has happened. From the ankle-deep water cleanup to the final restorative repairs, our technicians will work hard to successfully address all the issues caused by flood damage. 

While the stagnant waters may be the most visible effect of the flood damage, your property may have suffered damage in different ways. 

Structural Damage

Flood damage restoration is a complex process but our experts will get on it as soon as we arrive on location. We’ll dry up the floors using advanced dehumidifiers and driers, remove debris, and complete the necessary repairs.

For flood damage, every minute counts. In a big flood, your house may have to contend with the waves of water crashing into it. Even where the waves are not present, a slight current in the water continues to push against the building while depositing sediment that adds more pressure to the building and weakens its structure. 

Flood waters that enter the home seep through the carpets, furniture, floors, and drywall causing extensive damage to your home’s internal structure. The longer the water lingers, the more the home becomes compromised.

Electrical Damage

Salt-enriched flood waters can corrode electrical wires or expose them to mold. Either way, the broken or loose wires in flooded waters pose a serious risk to you and your property. 

Appliance Damage

Apart from the electrical wiring, flood waters can also impair appliances such as the HVAC systems, water heaters, and plumbing equipment leading to further losses of essential items like food and groceries. 

Water Supply System Damage

Floodwater picks up numerous contaminants and when it mixes with the water supply system, it makes it unsuitable for consumption. Whether you rely on a private well or the local water supply, our professionals will clear the murky water away from your water supply system and decontaminate the area to make it safe for your family.

Mold and Mildew

Where there is flood damage, mold growth is typically only one to two days away. Apart from damaging the walls, flooring, insulation, and personal property like clothing, mold and mildew can also cause serious health effects including skin, throat, and eye irritation, wheezing, nasal congestion, and headaches. To get rid of the mold, we dry the affected space, disinfect it, and HEPA vacuum it to ensure we remove all the last traces of the menacing mold.

All Hours Cleaning and Restoration is Here to Help!

Flood damage is a distressing event for any homeowner. But you don’t have to go through it alone. When you call us, we immediately dispatch a team to help you get through the restoration process. No matter the extent of damage you may have suffered, we have the training and cutting-edge equipment to handle the different restoration works you need to make your property safe again. Contact us today to get started.