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Smoke Remediation

Smoke Remediation: What Homeowners and Professionals Can Do

Smoke Remediation

A fire, whether big or small, can seriously impact the structural integrity of your property, indoor air quality, and emotional distress. After putting out the fire, smoke damage becomes an immediate concern.

Since smoke can permanently damage different items and surfaces within hours after the fire, collaboration between the homeowner and the restoration company is crucial. The steps that a homeowner immediately takes, for instance, can prevent further damage, reduce costs, and hasten the restoration process.

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This guide outlines critical steps homeowners and professionals can take after smoke damage occurs.

What Homeowners Can Do

Depending on the level of the fire, here are some of the steps you can undertake:
Confirm structural safety before entering affected areas. Look for loose electrical wires, missing beams, and falling debris. If you’re dealing with little damage, you can move to the next steps. However, if your assessment reveals extensive damage and several risky scenarios, we recommend waiting for the professionals to conduct the entire restoration process.
Immediately shut off your air conditioning and open all windows and doors to help clear smoke and reduce odors.
Photograph all affected areas and items for insurance purposes. Ensure detailed documentation to facilitate claims and recovery.
You may not have the technical expertise on how to clean up smoke damage, but you can start with small salvageable items and surfaces. Remove soot from hard surfaces using a dry sponge to prevent soot spread. Avoid using water which can make soot harder to remove.
Gather fabrics, curtains, and clothing impacted by smoke. These should be cleaned by professionals who can remove odors and soot without damaging materials.
Identify and consider what to throw away after fire damage. These items may include perishable goods, heavily sooted items, and those with deep smoke penetration that cannot be restored.

What Professionals Can Do

If you can’t do much after a fire event, engaging professionals is the best solution. Restoration companies have the tools and expertise to conduct smoke damage remediation quickly and effectively.
Here are the smoke damage restoration steps they take:
Restoration experts conduct comprehensive assessments using tools like moisture meters and thermal imaging to identify hidden damage and the extent of soot penetration.
They use chemical sponges to clean surfaces without water, effectively removing soot without spreading it.
Implementing techniques like ozone treatment, hydroxyl generators, and thermal fogging helps to neutralize stubborn smoke odors.
Smoke damage experts utilize ultrasonic cleaning for delicate items and pressure washing with specific cleaning solutions for structural components.
After thorough cleaning, they apply sealants to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces to lock in any residual odors and prevent them from emanating.
Finally, they ensure that all areas meet safety and health standards post-remediation. Air quality testing is conducted to confirm the absence of harmful particles in the indoor air.


Effective smoke remediation is a systematic process that demands diligence and expertise. By following these guidelines, homeowners and professionals can work together to restore damaged properties efficiently. Through proactive measures and rigorous remediation techniques, it is possible to minimize health risks and structural damage, ensuring a swift return to normalcy.

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